About us

We are Justin and Lindsay Bowen (and this is our family)! We are the heart behind each Illuminate Youth Trip. Together, we believe we have the secret sauce that creates the magic behind each Illuminate Trip. Each trip has been carefully selected to invite the spirit, ensure youth growth, include once in a lifetime opportunities, and create life-changing relationships. We continue to create lifelong bonds and treasured friendships on each trip we go on and consider Illuminate Youth Trips one of the greatest blessings in our life. We will forever love the youth immeasurably and the opportunity to experience the world with them!

Justin led hundreds of youth across the globe with National Geographic for nearly 10 years and 12 years with youth who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Illuminate Youth Trips. Lindsay is an educator with a Master of Science degree in leadership. They also run a non-profit organization, ROAM Humanitarian, giving adults and families meaningful humanitarian experiences around the world. Their passion for the world, the youth, and life in general is contagious and captivating. They have four incredible children and make our world go round from Heber Valley, Utah.

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