Hello! We are Justin and Lindsay Bowen. We are the heart behind ROAM Humanitarian. We are committed to creating lasting and positive change in both our expedition participants and those whom we serve throughout the world. We believe in making a difference to the one, whether that is you as the participant or the ones we serve. We may not change the world, but we believe we can change the world of an individual one smile, one project, and one expedition at a time. We consider it our privilege to work alongside you and become change-makers while we ROAM with purpose together.

Together, we believe we have the secret sauce that creates the magic behind each ROAM Humanitarian expedition. We are just as interested in building homes, gardens, and schools as we are in creating opportunities that build you and your family relationships.

Our goal is not a one-time service project, but an experience that inspires a life of involvement in humanitarian work and social impact. Each itinerary has been carefully selected to give back to those in need, have a ton of fun, and ROAM our fantastic planet with a purpose.

Come as you are and join the ROAM family today! You are welcome here, and we can’t wait to share the adventures of a lifetime with you!

All our best,
Justin and Lindsay Bowen





Justin has led thousands of youth and adults across the globe with National Geographic for nearly 10 years, and 8 years with LDS youth on Illuminate Youth Trips. He is a photographer by trade and has taught hundreds of under-privileged youth how to express themselves through this medium.

Lindsay is an educator with a Master of Science degree in leadership and considers the youth her dearest friends. Justin and Lindsay’s passion for the world, human connection, and life in general is contagious and captivating. They have four incredible children and make their world go round from the mountains of Heber City, Utah.