Who can apply for a service expedition/trip?

Service trips are open to adults over the age of 18 or family groups.  The minimum age of participants within a family group is 8 years old.  If you are younger than 18 and would like to attend without your family, you must apply with a chaperone and obtain a parent consent form.

You will need to be able to effectively care for yourself and family members including allergies and other mental or physical restrictions.  Participants should be healthy enough to participate in long days of working and playing hard with a rigorous schedule.  Many expeditions also have portions of the trip that are filled with adventure, and sleeping accommodations may involve camping.  Review the itinerary to be sure it is the right fit for you.

How do I apply for a service expedition?

Once you find that trip that suits your needs best, apply on our website www.roamhumanitarian.org using the “Apply” button. You will be required to fill out and sign a contract and pay your non-refundable deposit in order to be eligible for the expedition. ROAM Humanitarian will not reserve a space for you or your family members until this form is filled out and the deposit is paid for each individual participant.




What can I expect after I apply for an expedition online?

After your application process is complete online, meaning you have filled out the waiver and paid your non-refundable deposit, you can expect an email within 3 business days with more information.