Kenady and Tre Clark

Meet Kenady and Tre Clark, avid globetrotters who always have their next journey in the works (even if Tre doesn’t know about it yet)!

Kenady’s excitement for adventure is matched only by her love for delicious food – so you can plan on many gelato stops. Kenady’s journey has taken her far and wide, as she moved 14 times in the first 14 years of her life, finally ending up in Heber City, Utah. After serving a mission in Missouri St. Louis, Kenady got to work at school and is currently a senior in BYU’s esteemed Journalism program specializing in sports journalism.

Tre, also from Heber City, is your go-to guy for an exciting game of basketball, any competitive board or card game, or to help you find a mouthwatering slice of pizza (because he probably has already found the best in the area). With a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under his belt, Tre’s global perspective enriches any trip he is on! Tre is currently a UVU student aspiring towards a career in business management.

Kenady’s journey with Illuminate Trips began in 2017 when she participated as a youth in the Church History trip. In 2022, she and Tre took on the role of chaperones for Church History. Now, Kenady works for Illuminate Trips as their Travel Manager.

Kenady and Tre are excited to adventure through the stunning landscapes of Italy with you in the summer of 2024!